About Us

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Our top priority is our clientele satisfaction. Strenuous efforts and continual endeavors are aimed to deliver the best quality and 100% satisfaction, ensuring the guarantee and contentment we promise to our clients.

About Creatrixe

Creatrixe , delivers and manages a complete life cycle of classy web sites, breakthrough mobile applications, software development and expedient CRM solutions, to name a few. It currently operates globally with headquarters in Pakistan and in the US. Creatrixe operates as a Pvt, Ltd company in Pakistan and as an LLC in the United States and offers wide range of IT related services worldwide in diverse business domains.

Creatrixe started its journey with a viral game ‘Angry Imran’ Since 2010, Creatrixe has been working as a startup to build awesome web and mobile applications. We specialize in iPhone Application Development, Android Application Development, e-commerce Solutions, Customer Management Solutions and Content Management Systems built with PHP using frameworks such as Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal.

We develop reliable, stable, & fast applications for your mobile devices & the web. Over years of building products, web applications & websites for customers all over the world, Creatrixe has proven to be a reliable team player & someone your business can count on to get the job done right.